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Creative Strategies in Film Scoring

Audio and Video Access Included
by Ben Newhouse
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Create effective film scores! This book presents a framework for creative decision-making that will lead to producing the best music for a given scene. It supports artists working in film, television, video games, or other media. The framework encourages clarity of concept and facilitates productive communication between the composer and director, music supervisor, and others involved with the project. Two case studies, featuring audio and video, illustrate how different creative choices can control the expressive effect of the scene. Practical worksheets are included, which will help your team brainstorm, articulate, organize, and communicate your collective ideas and decisions. Whether you are creating music yourself or working with a composer, this book will help you develop the music that is optimized for storytelling.

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Catalog Number 242911
Publisher Berklee Press
ISBN 1540000737
UPC 888680705282
Format Book/Online Audio & Video
Series Berklee Guide
Size 12.00x9.00
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