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Guitar Technique

An Expanded Study for Developing Dexterity and a Solid Musical Foundation
By Rich Severson

Many students are attracted to the guitar because of hearing the lead guitar solos by their favorite group or artist. Most of them in their early teens come into the teaching studio for their first lesson expecting to be shown a lead guitar solo off a newly released album. However, this brings up some problems. Most beginning students have not yet developed the skill in their hands to play such a solo, do not read music, or have not had music theory training. Because of this, beginning students entering a studio do not get the full benefit from the music because they are unable to apply the examples presented to them. It's because of these problems this book came about. Guitar Technique stresses from the beginning control of the instrument and basic music theory. After completing this book, a student will have the necessary musical background and skill to pursue any direction of guitar playing he/she chooses with success.

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