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Summer Scenes

By Melody Bober

The three movements of Summer Scenes capture the changes in summer days caused by nature and the moods that these changes suggest. The first movement, "Sunny," begins in G-flat major and moves to G major. Continuous eighth-note motion in a lyrical setting suggests bright days. "Sultry" is the second movement, a carefree waltz. The left hand includes sections with large jumps from a single note to a block chord. The agitated last movement, "Stormy," alternates between 4/4 and 6/8 meters. The virtuosic ending showcases fortissimo octaves and chords.

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Catalog Number 00-48034
ISBN 1470642727
UPC 038081554617
Instrument Piano
Format Sheet
Series Recital Suite Series
Level Late Intermediate
Size x
Weight 16 oz