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Spring Promises

By Dennis Alexander

The three movements of Spring Promises highlight the energy of spring that follows a long winter. The first movement, "A Garden's Promise," features a lyrical melody line over a chord progression that includes a descending bass line. It portrays the beauty of the flowers that begin to appear with the warmer weather. Staccato fifths and grace notes suggest the image of "Soft Rains" in the A section of the second movement. Triplets in the B section give a stronger sense of movement. The final movement---"Spring Fever!"---is a rondo that uses root position and second inversion chords in a lively setting. The staccato chords alternate with more lyrical lines to provide contrast.

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Catalog Number 00-48033
ISBN 1470642719
UPC 038081554600
Instrument Piano
Format Book
Series Recital Suite Series
Level Late Intermediate
Size x
Weight 16 oz