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Winter Illuminations

By Wynn-Anne Rossi

The four movements of Winter Illuminations take the listener on an exciting journey through several scenes of the season. The first movement, "Snowfall Prelude," paints the image of drifting snowflakes through mesmerizing ostinatos and soft, jazz-inspired harmonies. In "Warm Cozy Moments," the second movement, the extended harmonies continue as expressive, held chords, and a dreamlike section features gentle left-hand melodic fragments and cross-hand gestures. The third movement, "Gliding on the Ice," uses 5/4 meter, Lydian mode, and perpetual rising and falling scales to create the image of graceful ice skaters. Challenging the player's stamina and finger technique, the fourth movement, "North Wind Toccata," includes incessant right-hand 16th notes and rising left-hand arpeggios and crossovers. Chasing-hand figures up and down the keyboard, along with rapidly changing dynamics, create an exciting conclusion to the suite.

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Catalog Number 00-47927
ISBN 1470642395
UPC 038081550114
Instrument Piano
Format Sheet
Series Recital Suite Series
Level Late Intermediate
Size x
Weight 16 oz