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Easy Concert Pieces - Volume 3

12 Pieces from 4 Centuries Flute and Piano

The 'Easy Concert Pieces' series presents a varied selection of easy concert pieces for flute and piano from the Renaissance, Baroque and Classical periods through to the modern era. To facilitate choosing individual pieces for performance and auditions at music'schools, competitions or examinations these pieces have been ordered according to level of musical and technical difficulty: Volume 1 (ED 22925) contains very easy to easy pieces with a range of notes up to two octaves. These generally song-like and intuitively straightforward melodies require simple breathing techniques. Phrasing is supported throughout by clear and straightforward piano accompaniments. Volume 2 (ED 22926) contains easy to intermediate pieces with distinctly livelier melodies. With an extended range of notes and dynamic shading, intonation becomes increasingly important. Rhythms include dotted notes, syncopations and the introduction of simple ornaments, which also call for corresponding precision. Volume 3 (ED 22927) requires the full range of notes on the flute. Besides increasing demands on finger technique, now the main focus is on imaginative phrasing, using, for example, a wider range of dynamics, tone colours, articulation and agogic phrasing, always set in active dialogue with the piano. All the pieces are included on the accompanying CD, as full version and play-along version (piano accompaniment).

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Catalog Number 49045862 / ED22927
Publisher Schott
ISBN 3795714591
UPC 888680784751
Series Woodwind Solo
Size 12.00x9.00
Weight 8.8 oz