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Signature Thin China

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Series Description: Forged from a proprietary bronze developed specifically for cymbals, handcrafted from start to finish by highly skilled Swiss craftsmen, conceived and executed according to uncompromising sound concepts, Signature Cymbals are instruments of unsurpassed quality for the discerning drummer's quest for personal creativity and musical excellence. Alloy: Proprietary Signature Bronze Size: 18-inches Weight: medium Volume: soft to medium loud Stick Sound: washy Intensity: lively Sustain: medium short Bell Character: integrated Sound Character: Fairly trashy, bright attack, low wash. Wide frequency range, fairly clean mix. Explosive response, fast fade. Size range allows everything from quick accents to complex ride playing.

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Catalog Number 3710561 / 4002618
Publisher Paiste
UPC 697643102200
Format 18-inches
Series Paiste Cymbals
Size 18.00x18.00
Weight 46.9 oz