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Two for the Show!

A Pair of Mini-Musicals for Young Performers
By Sally K. Albrecht / recording orch. Tim Hayden and Steve Herold

These charming mini-musicals make a perfect pair for primary-aged students! Both of the traditional folk tales are told with brief unison songs and short scenes (featuring a small cast of characters plus up to 25 narrators). Minimal rehearsal time, few props, creative costume pieces, and a simple set make for no fuss in-class or on-the-stage productions. Whether you present them separately or as a set, your youngest performers will shine as adorable farm animals, fluffy forest creatures, or the territorial "mean and nasty" troll. Approximately 30 minutes when combined. Complete choreography included. Recommended for grades kindergarten through four.

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Catalog Number 00-46430
ISBN 1470639203
UPC 038081528090
Instrument Choir
Format Enhanced CD
Level K Through Grade 4
Size x
Weight 1.6 oz